The following comes directly from Hampson's notes.

"Monogram is a British Agent. He does not answer to MI5, any service authority or to the PM. He is the Sovereign's own agent. We never say this, but the script hints at it strongly: e.g. 'He takes his orders from the Lady.' And over a picture of Monogram walking up the Mall: 'And so Monogram goes to report'.

"He works in the interests of the West and Democracy. In emergencies he can call on help from British forces and resources. He can turn up in SE Asia, Latin America, or anywhere the cold war starts to defrost.

"We also assume a sort of League of ex-Kings, Princes, the great and the good, on whom Monogram can call by showing the Monogram engraved on the reverse-side of his eye-patch. But he does this sparingly, preferring to find allies amongst the poorer people.

"This last preference is shared by his Australian sidekick who combines strong Socialism with an unswerving devotion to the crown. He is introduced in the second story".

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