Frank Hampson is renowned as creator of Dan Dare and for his strip-cartoon rendition of the Life of Christ. But before he left Eagle he created seven other comic-strip heroes, none of which were published.

Nothing was known about these ‘lost’ strips until after his death, and then it took serious detective work to find even copies of them. However we did find them and you can see them on this site.

The site also contains an appraisal of Dan Dare, an account of Hampson’s last days at Eagle, and how the ‘lost’ strips, intended for that comic, were (legally) whisked away from him.

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How, after completing his Life of Christ,
Hampson began to devise the strips

The Lost Characters [10 pages]
The seven heroes created in 1962, plus Hampson’s try-out
for Modesty Blaise, and a page of Dawn O’Dare.

Dan Dare [6 pages]
An appraisal, and a look at how the character developed

The Road of Courage [1 page]
Hampson's swan song

Other Published Work [7 pages]
Advertising, Dr Who, work for Swift.

Was he really that good? [3 pages]
How Hampson worked and some of his art in detail.

Modelling for the strips
How characters were drawn from photographs

The Last Days of Frank Hampson
How and why Frank left Eagle


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FRANK HAMPSON. 1918-1985

1918. Born in Manchester on 21st December to Robert and Elsie Hampson

1919 Family moves to Southport

1929. Enrols King George V Grammar School

1936 Joins Post Office

1938 Enrols Victoria College of Arts and Science

1939-45. 1st Lt. RASC

1944. Marries Dorothy

1946. Joins Southport School of Arts and Crafts. Fails his Diploma of Art

1949. Devises Eagle

1950-59. Dan Dare

1959-62. The Road of Courage

1962. Quits Eagle

1963-75 Freelance, in particular Ladybird Books.

1975 Attends Lucca Convention. Voted best in the world

1977 Ewell Technical College

1985 Dies Epsom. Cancer and stroke.